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Midsummer supplies turnkey equipment for cost effective and scalable manufacturing of flexible and light-weight thin film solar cells and modules. The company was founded in 2004 by people with decades of experience in the optical disc industry. Midsummer's main products are the DUO and UNO tools respectively designed for thin film solar cells production and R&D.

In addition to equipment design and construction capability, Midsummer has a strong in-house research and development activity and develops the corresponding processes for CIGS and CZTS solar cell fabrication.

Midsummer's facility in Sweden is also equipped with a production line for flexible thin film solar modules fabrication.

The main role of Midsummer in STARCELL will be to lead the industrial transfer and upscaling of the CZTS process developed in this project. The main challenge is the optimization of process lateral uniformity to manufacture efficient large area cells and mini-modules. Midsummer will also take part in the validation of the technology through module encapsulation and tests in climate chambers together with AYESA and AR.