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Duke University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at Duke University - a top 15 entity in terms of U.S. mechanical engineering faculty research productivity (Academic Analytics 2014) - addresses fundamental and applied engineering problems in the following areas: aerodynamics, controls, thermodynamics, as well as biological and electronic materials and interfaces. The faculty maintain strong connections with industry, and lead multi-research efforts-providing ample opportunities for graduate students to pursue research at the forefront of their field, and develop career relevant experience.

Since there is no funding available for work at Duke University, the group could advise or co-advise a researcher at one of the European institution. In this way, supplies could be funnelled to the European institution and the researcher might also be able to have funding to work at Duke for part of the time. This will give a relevant international experience to the researcher with the opportunity of working with Prof. Mitzi, which demonstrated the current world record of kesterite solar cell.

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