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Wirec Weee International Recycling

WIREC is a company dedicated to industrial waste management as its main objective to provide products and services, in addition to being competitive in price, comply with contractual requirements and needs of its customers. WIREC has experience in the recycling of a wide variety of electronic waste, and in the recovery of high value metals by means of electrochemical and chemical processes. Among others, we have set-up industrial scale processes for the recovery of gold and tin from printed circuit boards, as well as for the recovery of silver from X-ray plates.

We meet the WEEELABEX standards for the recycling of Large appliances (categories 1 & 10), temperature exchange equipment (category 1), mixed appliances (categories 2,3,4,5,6,7,9), and display unites (categories 3,4). Thus, we are the only company in Spain, and one of the few companies in Europe, that has been certified for four different WEEELABEX categories. In addition, our management system complies with the ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards.

Our main role in the project will be the set-up and optimization at the laboratory scale of a recycling process for kesterite cells (WP5). Our background and industrial experience in the development of customized chemical recovery processes will enable us to develop an optimized recycling process for the kesterite PV cells developed in the Project.

As a company specialized in the recycling of electronic equipment, WIREC is interested in the project to increase our know-how in the recycling of PV panels, which represents an opportunity to gain access to a niche and rapidly growing market.