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STARCELL organized an Open Day at IREC

IREC has organized a STARCELL Open Day together with the program In-Forma’t of the Barcelona’s City Hall. During the event, young students (15 to 18 years old), visited IREC to know more about the day to day live of a scientist. At the beginning, Dr. Edgardo Saucedo (coordinator of STARCELL) presented general information to the audience including details of STARCELL. Then Dr. Yudania Sanchez (reseracher of STARCELL), and Dr. Sergio Giraldo (young reseracher at IREC) presented their experiences in the frame of research and the project. The attendants visited then the laboratories, to see all the activities developed by IREC in the frame of STARCELL, with the objective to show to the general society the importance of European H2020 projects for the society.

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