EU 2020


  1. 9th European Kesterite Workshop

    9th european kesterite workshop STARCELL very actively participates in the last European Kesterite Workshop in Ghent, Belgium. READ MORE
  2. ICL Best Poster Award Winner at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston!

    Aron Walsh ICL poster MRS fall meeting ICL won the Best Poster Award in the last MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, presenting a very relevant STARCELL work. READ MORE
  3. Invited Speakers in the ENGE 2018 Conference

    ENGE 2018 STARCELL Yaroslav Romanyuk Edgardo Saucedo Two scientists from STARCELL will give invited conferences in the incoming prestigious 5th International Conference on Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment (ENGE 2018), November 11 to 14, 2018, Jeju, Korea. READ MORE
  4. STARCELL Exploitation Activities

    Exploitation activity STARCELL AYESA as one of the main Industrial partners of STARCELL, organizes Exploitation activities during the Project Meetings. READ MORE
  5. Successful 18 Month and Review Meeting

    STARCELL 18 Month Project Meeting STARCELL organizes the 18 Month and Review Meeting at the MIDSUMMER premises in Stockholm, Sweden. READ MORE
  6. STARCELL Industrial Workshop

    STARCELL Industrial Workshop STARCELL organizes an Industrial Workshop in the frame of the 18 Month Meeting, in Stockholm, Sweden, with the participation of stakeholders of the PV sector. READ MORE
  7. MLU Open Day

    MLU open day STARCELL STARCELL participates at the "Long Night of Science" in the frame of the Open Day organized at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. READ MORE
  8. Participation of STARCELL at the “Journée Matériaux Université Côte d'Azur”, Nice, FRANCE

    Journée Matériaux Université Côte d'Azur IMRA on behalf of the STACELL consortium participates in the “Journée Matériaux Université Côte d'Azur”, Nice, FRANCE, presenting STARCELL project to the Scientific Community of the Côte d'Azur region in France. READ MORE
  9. STARCELL Industrial Workshop

    Industrial Workshop STARCELL STARCELL is organizing an Industrial Workshop coinciding with the Review Meeting in the Midsummer headquarters (Stockholm, Sweden). READ MORE
  10. Seminar of Dr. Zacharie Jehl

    Seminar Dr. Zacharie Jehl Dr. Zacharie Jehl from University of Tokyo in Japan visited IREC, presenting the main activities of his Institution in photovoltaic. READ MORE
  11. STARCELL organizes a specific Workshop on kesterites in the incoming E-MRS Spring Meeting

    STARCELL at EMRS Spring Meeting 2018 STARCELL will organize a specific Workshop on kesterites in the frame of the Symposium A (Thin Film Chalcogenide Photovoltaic Materials) at the E-MRS Spring Meeting, during 18-22 June 2018, in Strasbourg, France. READ MORE
  12. 8th European Kesterite Workshop is launched!

    The eight edition of the European Kesterite Workshop, held in Barcelona during 8th to 10th November has started and we have two exciting and wonderful days to discuss about the last advancements in these materials! READ MORE
  13. Brainstorming Session on Kesterites

    A Brainstorming Session was organized on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at IREC, joining the Group Leaders attending the European Kesterite Workshop with the participation of several STARCELL members. READ MORE
  14. Pre-workshop Student Day

    The pre-workshop student day was successfully organized by IREC and supported by STARCELL! READ MORE
  15. First exciting day of the STARCELL 12 months Meeting

    The first day of the project Meeting in Barcelona has been very successful with the presentation of the most relevant results obtained so far in the last 6 months. READ MORE
  16. IMRA Open Day

    IMRA open day STARCELL STARCELL participates in the open day organized at IMRA. READ MORE
  17. STARCELL participates in EUPV cluster activities

    Prof. Alejandro Pérez Rodríguez in the EUPV cluster STARCELL has participated in the European workshop on nanotechnologies & advanced materials for photovoltaics & concentrated solar power, held in Brussels during last 24 and 25 October 2017. READ MORE
  18. 8th European Kesterite Workshop - Registration

    Logo European Kesterite Workshop Registration for the next European Kesterite Workshop to be held in Barcelona during 8th to 10th November is now open! READ MORE
  19. International Seminar at IREC

    Picture of the seminar of Prof. Agrawal Prof. Rakesh Agrawal from Purdue University in USA, visited IREC giving a Talk about solution processed kesterites. READ MORE
  20. Very successful organization of NextGen PV School

    Picture of participants to the NextGen PV School. STARCELL has very successfully co-organized a Workshop on Earth Abundant Materials for PV in the frame of NextGen PV School, in close collaboration with European H2020 project SWING. READ MORE
  21. NEXTGEN 2017: Program

    Logo NextGen The program of the NEXTGEN PV 2017 School and Workshop is published. READ MORE
  22. 6 Months Meeting

    Meeting, Group picture The 6 months project meeting has been successfully organized at the Imperial College London headquarters, during 8-9 June 2017, with a very active participation of all the partners. READ MORE
  23. The 8th European Kesterite Workshop will be supported by STARCELL

    European Kesterite Workshop Logo The 8th European Kesterite Workshop to be organized by IREC and the University of Barcelona, and supported by STARCELL Project has been launched. READ MORE
  24. STARCELL launch the first press campaign

    STARCELL press release Solar News The project begin an ambitious press campaign to promote the main achievements to the general public. READ MORE
  25. STARCELL will co-organize a Workshop in Kesterites during the NEXTGEN PV School

    Logo NextGen STARCELL (H2020-NMBP-03-2016-720907) will co-organize together with SWING Project (H2020-LCE-01-2014-640868) a Workshop for reviewing the last advancements in kesterite technologies in the frame of the NEXTGEN PV School, to be held in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain, during 12-15 September 2017. READ MORE
  26. International Collaboration in STARCELL.

    JV curve of CZTSe with 11% efficiency. IREC and AIST. IREC and AIST in collaboration, achieved an 11% efficiency pure selenide kesterite device. READ MORE
  27. STARCELL Project (H2020-NMBP-03-2016-720907) organizes the Kick-off Meeting on next 24th and 25th of January in the COST Association Building in Brussels, Belgium

    STARCELL will organize the Kick-off Meeting on next 24th and 25th January 2017 in the Headquarters of the “Generalitat de Catalunya” in Brussels, Belgium. READ MORE