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  1. 8th European Kesterite Workshop is launched!

    The eight edition of the European Kesterite Workshop, held in Barcelona during 8th to 10th November has started and we have two exciting and wonderful days to discuss about the last advancements in these materials! READ MORE

  2. Brainstorming Session on Kesterites

    A Brainstorming Session was organized on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at IREC, joining the Group Leaders attending the European Kesterite Workshop with the participation of several STARCELL members. READ MORE

  3. Pre-workshop Student Day

    The pre-workshop student day was successfully organized by IREC and supported by STARCELL! READ MORE

  4. First exciting day of the STARCELL 12 months Meeting

    The first day of the project Meeting in Barcelona has been very successful with the presentation of the most relevant results obtained so far in the last 6 months. READ MORE


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    8th European Kesterite Workshop - Working Groups

    Faculty of Physics, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain