EU 2020
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  1. STARCELL Industrial Workshop

    STARCELL is organizing an Industrial Workshop coinciding with the Review Meeting in the Midsummer headquarters (Stockholm, Sweden). READ MORE

  2. Seminar of Dr. Zacharie Jehl

    Dr. Zacharie Jehl from University of Tokyo in Japan visited IREC, presenting the main activities of his Institution in photovoltaic. READ MORE

  3. STARCELL organizes a specific Workshop on kesterites in the incoming E-MRS Spring Meeting

    STARCELL will organize a specific Workshop on kesterites in the frame of the Symposium A (Thin Film Chalcogenide Photovoltaic Materials) at the E-MRS Spring Meeting, during 18-22 June 2018, in Strasbourg, France. READ MORE

  4. 8th European Kesterite Workshop is launched!

    The eight edition of the European Kesterite Workshop, held in Barcelona during 8th to 10th November has started and we have two exciting and wonderful days to discuss about the last advancements in these materials! READ MORE


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  1. Oct312017


    8th European Kesterite Workshop - Working Groups

    Faculty of Physics, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain